logo anime Paul Julliot

Web Design & Art Direction
Bercy's Ministries - Paris

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We already worked together :

  • logo bang bang management
  • logo eurogroup consulting
  • logo webedia
  • logo esl
  • logo fireart studio
  • logo american car city

More projects

logo kairos animation


Scolar welfare facilitator : kairos is a tablet based web-app created for elementary school childrens. A customizable avatar system and collaborative games + events allow the pupils to integrate socially in its class and school meanwhile they can track their own scholar evolution.

Work : Graphist, developper/integrator, illustrator.

Visit the web-app (in french)
Login : "guest" + number from 1 to 5.
Password: identical as the login (ex : guest3 / guest3)

logo norveil animation


Norveil is a solo project, it is a numerical interactive book based on the "stories where you are the hero" from 1990's. It's a mobile website, thought as a cross-path between websites and video games.

Work: Total production : Narration, developpement, integration, optimisation UI/UX, graphism, illustration 2D/3D, marketing...

Play now (in french)

Copy/paste this adress on a mobile phone : http://norveil.fr/
This website is a work in progress. It's fully developped and will not suffer any kind of bug but the narration and illustration isn't finished.

  • 3D backgrounds
  • Character Design
  • Alternative Character Design
  • Overview of the narrative architecture
  • Teaser Instagram

logo kairos animation


I integrated the ICAN BDE while i was at this school in 2017. The association, named OMEGA, allowed me a full freedom of creation to produce all kind of projects we developped and to show some personnal ideas to a sensible and reactive audience.

Work : Graphist, illustrator, photographer.

  • Logo event e-sport
  • OMEGA presentation displays
  • Halloween Poster

logo grenouille animation


Grenouille (french for "frog") is a communication agency based in Paris and specialized in molecular gastronomy. Our work consisted in creating a graphic charter for this agency, its website, along with marketing initiatives (a concept store, a restaurant, and some responsive interfaces)

Work on the project : Graphist, illustrator 2D/3D.

Visit the website (in french)